Share your idea with us

You have an idea? Share it with us.

how do you want your widget to be look alike? feel free to give any suggestion or example of your widget and i will try my best to create it.

Saaranghaeyo will listen to you

Saaranghaeyo will take your ideas seriously. I will examine and assess them and enter new, fresh and unconventional ideas into our widget. I will not let its shine extinguish; the most promising will be more carefully examined and carried out.

What kind of ideas are I looking for?

Saaranghaeyo is constantly looking for ideas in the aspect of:

1. The main object. Example. Anime, Actor, korean band. etc..
2. What will it speak? Example. "Hello, welcome.. bla.."
3. Type of widget. Example. Soccer, celebration.. etc..

If u have any new idea and concept than this, share it with us! and leave your backlink so that i can ask more detail about it. TQ! hehe..

2 Responses so far.

  1. Achicx Kazuhiro Aihara says:

    domokun widget c(:
    ocayy ? . ^^

  2. how about a cartoon school girl , with dialogues ?
    like :
    heyy this is my blog .
    follow me :)

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